The Usual Treadmill

April 26, 2007

Once we got back from NYC, Roman and I stepped right back into the usual schedule at home, work and school.  I think both of us have been struggling to get used to it.   Things have been really a little slow at work- all property lawyers have been, I think, because house sales are down.  Some lawyers have been laying off staff.  We’ve had a couple of closings for Jeff Schwarz, though not as many as normal, and people have been walking in with stuff regularly.  So Radeanna and I have work, but we aren’t slammed.   Usually that’s good for me to do other stuff- Town of Franklinville, for instance, where we had the monthly planning board meeting Tuesday night.  Or the American Textile History Museum stuff, which could be a full time job if I just had the time- either raising money or doing research and oral history interviews, etc.  I heard from the family and most of my friends for my birthday last Friday; Roman bought me an incense burner shaped like a dragon, which is cool.

I went to the Randolph County Democratic party convention last Saturday morning and got elected Chairman. That’s one Democratic party job I’ve never done– when I was Mayor I always had an excuse that I was too busy.  But Alan Pugh and the Republicans have accused me of being one of the most prominent Democrats in the county for the last year, so at least now they’ll be right.

I borrowed a bush hog from Henry Bowers and mowed around the house last Saturday.  It’s a small-size Allis Chalmers tractor and a 44″ bush hog, and it did great work.  Mr. Matthews has moved to an assisted living center, after living in my apartment for more than 15 years.  He used to mow and trim weeds.  I’ve bought half a dozen weed eaters over the years, I think, but couldn’t find any Saturday when I looked.  Mr. Matthews used to keep them up, but cheap weed eaters usually don’t last more than one or two seasons.  So I went down to Joe and Mary Deitz’s place and bought a commercial Mamyama (sp?) , which does a great job.  It helps a lot doing yard work to have good equipment.

Roman is having spring fever.  Yesterday and Tuesday was the district track meet, their last track meet.  Last Saturday was his last meeting with the other exchange students; two of them are leaving in just two weeks.  Roman is here until June 19, but is really tired of school (like every other American high school student, I’d wager).  May 15th is the Eastern Randolph prom, and we’ve gone to Big Deal to order his tuxedo ($99).  He’s in denial about the cost of flowers, dinner and transportation.   In fact he’s having second thoughts about the prom all together, as he doesn’t like how big a deal it is here in America. In Russia, he says, kids go to dances with several partners, or no partners, and it’s all good.  Not here.  I have to get the citation for his blog; even though it’s in Russian, it would be interesting to see.  He writes regularly for his family and friends at home, and his mother has chided him for criticizing President Bush and the American government.  That could be dangerous, she says.  I guess I’ve encouraged him to be a liberal Democrat!  He told her, in this country, they have Free Speech!  Yes, we do; but when he goes home to Russia I’ve already told him he probably needs to use a gmail or yahoo account, as I seem to be regularly blocked from emailing to his account- some kind of censorship?

Who can tell- it’s too easy, and usually too true, that it could be computer quirks.  I’ve had nothing but frustration this week trying to upgrade software to work with the Windows Vista on my new office computer.  I wish I’d never agreed to get Vista- it creates incompatibility with just about everything.  Windows XP was a stable reliable dream compared to Vista.  Stay away!


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