Boston Tomorrow

May 16, 2007

Roman and I will be flying to Boston tomorrow. Boston waterfront I’ve been elected to the Board of Trustees of the American Textile History Museum ATHMin Lowell (see ) and the museum’s annual meeting is Friday. I’ve been working with them for many years, first in research, then with their historic machinery collection. Last fall, they decided to truck most of it here to NC, where the warehouse rents are cheaper and the possibilities exist to open a branch of the museum that might use the equipment to actually weave fabric for sale in museum shops.

After the meeting at the Museum, we’ll look through the National Park Boott Mill(, including the Boott Mill Museum Boott Mill Weave Room( ). Saturday I have tickets for the afternoon Red Sox/ Atlanta Braves game at Fenway Park Fenway Aerial(getting the tickets was an education and a financial shock!). Sunday we’ll drive to Hyannis (a rental car came with the airline tickets), and catch the ferry Nantucket Location to Nantucket, Nantucket Mapwhere we’ll spend the day, Nantucket Postcardcatch the ferry back, and spend the night in Hyannis (MUCH cheaper!). Then Monday we’ll go to Fanueil Hall and the Aquarium, and catch the flight home Monday afternoon.

Roman will miss 3 days of school, after having a perfect record this spring, but I think this trip is probably more educational than any of the last 3 weeks of high school in NC. The prices for plane tickets on Thursday and Monday were half of what they are for flights on Friday and Sunday, so that’s why it’s a 5 day trip instead of 3.

Anyway, it will be our last big trip together, and probably my last real vacation trip for a while, given how much I’ve spent travelling since February. But I probably would have gone to Boston this spring even if Roman weren’t here or the Museum hadn’t put me on their board, since this is the 30th reunion of my graduating class from Harvard. 77 BannerThere’s a big deal made about that, of course, and it’s even bigger this year since Bill GatesGates Mug Shot is giving the commencement address and Harvard is finally giving him the degree he skipped out on 32 years ago. But Harvard’s graduation is the same Thursday (June 7th) that Roman graduates from Eastern Randolph; so I’ll be in Ramseur at 6PM, not in Cambridge.

So, expect more posts on our Boston trip.


One Response to “Boston Tomorrow”

  1. Alex Rogozhin Says:

    You gotta show us that museum someday. I’m dying to go to Boston!

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