Boston Trip: Days 1&2

June 12, 2007

The flight up was quick! We got into Logan at 11:15 and got the rental car on the road by 11:45. New Bridge On the drive to Lowell (about 45 min.) Roman was starving so we stopped at a Cracker Barrell- and now it’s Roman’s new favorite place to eat. I met with people at the museum loom displayand then we checked into the hotel. That night we saw Shrek 3… the next day my meeting was until 2, so Roman wandered around Lowell weave room. Then we drove around some in the rain Roman at the Boott Milland went to North Andover, where Diane Fagan-Affleck let us use their beautiful house while they were in New York. Friday night we drove in the downpour to see Spiderman 3 at the IMAX, but it’s an IMAX at Jordan’s Furniture- the biggest furniture store in New England. This way to the IMAXIt’s at a mall, but free-standing beside the Home Depot- a big 3-story box Jordan's 2where, besides the furniture store and the IMAX, is a trapeze training school Trapeze(!), a Fuddrucker’s Burgers Fuddrucker's, an ice cream place Jordan's, and the “Fireworks Fountain”Fireworks Fountain. It’s crazy what all they have in a furniture store– and there’s another one like it on the South side of Boston! The movie was fun to see in IMAX, but the whole Jordan’s furniture experience was weird and crazy. That could have been the highlight of a trip all by itself.

Saturday– the Red Sox in the rain!


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