Uncle Broadus’ Picnic, Saturday June 2nd.

June 13, 2007

June 1st was the 83rd birthday Birthday Boyof Mother’s oldest brother, Broadus Chriscoe. On Saturday the 2nd, his family had a surprise picnic party for him at his houseBroadus Chriscoe, inviting all his brothers and sisters Family membersand their families. I drove down to his house in the Union Grove community in Moore County with Mother and Roman.

Someone from every branch of the familyMother, Gina, Dean was there Me, Mother, Uncle Bobexcept for Aunt Vera’s, who is down in Atlanta. Kenneth Kenneth and his Familycooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill, andRoman, Mother everyone else brought something, so it was a typically-overstocked American picnicPicnic Begins. Aunt Mona Rae brought a banana pudding, which I liked the best. (BTW: The skinniest people in these photos are obviously not Chriscoes… besides RomanRoman, Eating As Usual, there are the boyfriends Foodof Patricia’s daughters Heather and Amber. )

I used part of the time to collect names and dates for the Chriscoe side of our family treeMe which I’ve put into the geneaology program at Ancestry.Com (one of those Mormon programs, stored forever in a salt mine out West). Anyone can check it out; this is the link to my tree, which will show both the Whatley and Chriscoe sides: http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/pedigree.aspx?tid=2384080&pid=-1844418166&pg=0


2 Responses to “Uncle Broadus’ Picnic, Saturday June 2nd.”

  1. Phil Says:

    Came across your blog of Broadus Chriscoe’s birthday party while doing some Chriscoe family tree research for a book I’m writing. I grew up nearly in sight of him, being raised by my grandparents, Carl and Maggie Chriscoe. He and my favorite great-uncle, Walter (your grandpa, I suppose, and a brother of my grandpa Carl) dove hunted with us most every Saturday (I was a teenager at time, now 59). Coldwell hunted with us, also. I remember names of most of Walter’s kids … which one is your parent?

    – Phil Burrows

  2. Lula's kid Says:

    wow, I’ve been there to several reunions, Carl was also my grandfather. Would love to hear more stories and hopefully see you next September.

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