Saturday morning was not quite as sloppy as Friday night, but it was still drizzling enough to make the Sox vs. Braves baseball game problematic. It was set for a 1:30 start, which would allow them to schedule a doubleheader for the evening, and catch up on the Friday game that was postponed. We left North Andover and drove to Cambridge, where I (from memory- impressed myself!) found and parked at the Alewife T station (the end of the red line subway, where there’s a ginormous parking garage). We took the red line all the way into downtown Boston, getting out at Park StreetOn the Common– the north side of the Common. We walked around the common, The State Houseso Roman could get a taste of Boston, and then got lunch before taking the green line trolley Park Street Stationsouth to Commonwealth Ave.- the BU stop- which is about 3 blocks from Fenway Park.

We walked in the rain to Fenway, Fenway Parkwhich was packed with people even a hour before the game. We shopped the official paraphenalia stores (the UNofficial stores are actually more expensive!)What to Buy? and finally went on to our seats, because they were under the upper deckGrandstand Crowd and therefore, dry. We watched them ready the fieldThe Green Monster, rolling back the tarp Tarp Dutyas the rain let up. At game time, it was dry, though gray and cool, Fenway Franksbut by the end of the game the sun actually peeked out for a minute or two.

By luck (Saturday afternoon being the spot in my schedule for the game, no matter who was pitching), we saw the Red Sox’s new phenom pitcher Daisuke DaisukeMatsuzaka vs. the Braves (and virtually their entire pitching staff, since the Sox got so many hits the blew out more than half a dozen Braves pitchers). “Dice-K” (as his name is actually pronounced) is just as good as the PR says. The Red Sox won, 13-3. FenwayIt was a great game to watch, and fun to Together at Fenway be there in person. It was all new and amazing to Roman. Posing

After the game, we actually walked all the way through the Back Bay Copley Squareand across the Common The Public Garden to Beacon HillBeacon Hill, and caught the red line at the Charles River stop. Roman was interested in that part of Boston looking so European. (I didn’t realize until Monday that he thought ALL of Boston looked like that.) It was a good hike and by the time we caught the subway train into Harvard Square, we were glad to sit down.

But once at Harvard SquareHarvard Square, we started walking again, so I could show him the YardWith John Harvard, where I lived as a FreshmanOutside my Dorm, Wigglesworth B-entry., Widener LibraryWidener Library, the LampoonThe Lampoon, Mather HouseMather House, the central spaces of my college career. I was surprised at all the infill construction… nothing left of the few vacant lots or parking lots I remember from the old days. We ate dinner at the John Harvard Ale House, something Italian and filling, as I recall, with a good dark ale. Beside us was an attractive blonde woman from Finland who had been at Harvard as a Fulbright Scholar, and was visiting on business.

It was late when we took the subway The Red Lineback to the car, and raining again as I found I-93 in the dark and made it back to North Andover. The Sox and Braves did play the night game, and John Smoltz turned the tables for Atlanta in the rain- Boston lost that one, 14 to 4.

Sunday: Nantucket.